For lack of enough words to to introduce myself, here’s a little visual depiction of everything me!

Okay, so maybe not everything (not even close actually), but you get the idea 😉

And one other important thing…I work in my own personal heaven – it’s called Make & Mingle, and whenever anybody asks me about it I have no words to explain how giddy it makes me! So I vote you check it out for yourself so you get to see what I mean…

As for a quick bio concerning me and my love for clothes:

I love clothes. Nothing new, I always have. A quick anecdote so you get it – as a preschooler, my entire wardrobe consisted of dresses, patent leather Mary Janes, and frilly lace socks. One day my teacher finally called home to ask my mom if I could wear sneakers and pants to school so that I could play at recess. It did not go well, and not much has changed since then. (And yes, I do still own a pair of patent MJs, they’ve just got a much bigger heel now)

I love sewing. My guess is that this stems from my lovely Southern grandma Nannie, who must have spent days on end teaching me how to sew clothes for my dolls every summer as I was growing up. So, I’ve know to sew for ages, but until my new job, I pretty much stuck with a simple bag or fix-up here and there. Now imagine working at a store with fabrics that make you drool (think Heather Bailey, Anne Marie Horner, Jennifer Paganelli), and three of the most talented and creative bosses. You can imagine the inspiration. And since then I haven’t been able to stop! I’ve started to dream about fabric…which is less embarrassing to admit to the abyss of the internet

I realize you’re probably bored by now of my mini bio, which ended up being much less mini than I thought! So to keep it as short and sweet as possible, I love blog hopping, I love photoshop, I love making websites and voila – out pops a blog.

Here’s my plan as of now: letting you all see my designs, my clothes crushes, giving some tutorials, and hopefully giving at least somebody some inspiration!

We’ll see how it goes!!