I’m curious if there’s such thing as a phobia of sweatshirts

because if there is, I have definitely fallen victim to it. Whether it’s genetic or learned, I could not tell you, but around this time of year, when people want nothing more than to come and take their midterm exams in a full-on sweatsuit, I can’t help but to cringe. But don’t get too worried about me – I’ve created a lovely appeasement. I can’t take much credit other than for some messy-looking stitches (which, luckily, aren’t visible above the lace), since this sweatshirt is completely, 100% inspired by Free People, with very little creative liberty taken except for making it a little less belly-baring. There’s just something about lace that makes anything pretty!

I made this from a crew-neck Champion sweatshirt for under $10 at Marshalls and some cheap lace. It turned out to be the perfect compromise…I always thought “cute sweatshirt” was a contradiction, but I guess not!

Things to note in this picture: 1. Silk blush bow headband which I got for $7 at J Crew! 2. Messy looking hair and a cute cast…I had surgery a couple of days ago on my hand and haven’t been able to get out of bed – hence the need to wear a sweatshirt in the first place

Also, I’ve recently had a terrible addiction to making bows. I was bald until about 2, but that never stopped my mom from scotch taping bows onto my head. I have never since stopped having an immediate attraction to anything with a bow on it. When I figured out how quick it was to make this adorable-looking bows out of fabric, lace, felt, etc I couldn’t stop. Here’s my favorite – it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland 🙂

I’m thinking I’ll upload a quick tutorial soon! And a skirt tutorial’s on the way!

PS – Typing this, sans Internet and in Word is infuriating! Since when do sweatsuit and high-waisted merit the obnoxious red-squiggle underline!