I’m starting to think I have an addictive personality. I’ve recently given up coffee (It’s been two weeks now!), but I’m finding another addiction creeping in to take its place. This one’s a bit different however…I have not been able to stop making skirts! I found a way to make a cute high-waisted skirt that uses only 1/2 yard of fabric and takes no more than an hour and a half! At this point, I’ve made 2 for myself, one for my boss, and one is in progress for a friend. The only problem is, I’m finding myself in a creative rut now. Anytime I brainstorm what to make, it ends up turning into the same exact skirt with a different fabric. I’m guessing the fact that good weather’s so close I can almost taste it isn’t helping my addiction much…

Here’s one I made for my boss with the amazing Japanese Echino fabric

This is one of the ones that I made for myself out of the lovely Jennifer Paganelli‘s fabric. I wanted it to come out fuller – I cant decide if I should use more fabric and gather it more, or if it would be better to do a circle skirt. The first skirt I made for myself isn’t worth putting up – it’s somewhat of a mess and I used a big scrap we had leftover which looks like a lifeguard in my opinion (think big red and white flowers)

I love the hot pink silk lining, but I can’t decide if it was worth the hassle…

I have a tutorial all ready for my simple skirts, but I’ll wait until I have proof of at least one person following along!

Is anybody out there?!