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I can’t even remember how anymore, but I stumbled upon the store Ruche the other day and ended up finding some great things! While it is true that some of the items are more my mom’s style than my own, there were a lot of things I loved (especially the rings) that were a really great price!


I even entered in their Polyvore contest! It was styling your dream vacation outfit. I used Italy as my inspiration in anticipation of my upcoming trip to Florence this summer! 🙂

Italian Summer

I still can’t work Polyvore very well. Which is sort of sad if you ask me. Somehow it always turns out differently than it looks when I make it!

Also, my chambray blazer finally came!!! Be on the lookout tomorrow!


I gave school a shot today and lasted all but an hour. So after ample time spent napping, I had nothing to do but blog hopping (poor, poor me), and found quite a few. My favorite of all was Gary Pepper Vintage! Not only is it a great blog, but she (Nicole) has an amazing vintage eBay store with a huge selection.

I love Nicole’s taste! Here are some of my favorites:

Too bad everybody else loves them too…it ends up jacking the eBay price up 😦

Oh well, I’m always looking for inspiration for things to make!

Is it weird that rather than shopping for things in my own size, I’ve been trying to figure out if there’s any possible way I could squeeze into J Crew’s adorable Crew Cuts?

I’ve got a good shot at fitting into a headband, right??

Since the first time I flipped through J. Crew’s March catalog, I’ve been drooling over their beautiful chambray blazer. I love blazers right now (especially layered over a dress or skirt) and chambray is just so summery!  However, the price tag popped my bubble a bit…

So to make it up to myself, I bought some great chambray fabric at Purl Soho (one light blue and one darker).

I’ve been trying to find the perfect way to use them, and I think I’ve decided on a skirt and shorts out of the darker one and a dress out of the lighter one. Being the cheap girl that I am, I bought only one yard of each, so we’ll see if that really ends up happening.

Amid all of my brainstorming, here are some pictures that inspired me:

Both Vivat veritas on Etsy


And my final plan is to learn how to make a blazer (first something out of jersey like this amazingly comfortable Free People one) and do my own version of the chambray! It could be a long shot, but hey, it’s worth a try!