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Sorry about the MacBook photos last night. Here are some (slightly) better photos

Another post to come later 🙂


Today I was in total sewing withdrawl. It’s really hard to do anything when I’m alternating between a painful hand and being loopy on meds, but I managed to get a very quick project done today. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s all I’ve been able to manage making recently or because it’s actually cute, but I’m loving my newest bow 🙂 I darted to the garbage can after my boss threw out a decent amount of this pretty slate blue tee shirt scrap (remnants from lots of tee-shirt flowers) not knowing what to do with it. Originally, I just cut off the seam on the sleeve to make a sloppy headband, but today I decided it was in dire need of a bow!

Excuse my ugly picture, it’s late.

Actually, that’s inexcusable. I’ll post a much prettier one first thing tomorrow.

Also, an update on my chambray blazer issue! I managed to find something similar on Forever 21! I ordered it immediately, and I’m hoping it will fill the little hole in my heart.

Last but not least, my biggest buy yet!

An amazing new cell phone!

It’s the new HD2 with a huge touch screen and Wifi that’s twice as fast as the iPhone! My heart skips a beat just thinking about it 🙂 And of course I’ve already personalized it with some pretty Amy Butler wallpaper. Case coming soon!

Now I can blog on the go! Ooh the possibilities

I’m starting to think I have an addictive personality. I’ve recently given up coffee (It’s been two weeks now!), but I’m finding another addiction creeping in to take its place. This one’s a bit different however…I have not been able to stop making skirts! I found a way to make a cute high-waisted skirt that uses only 1/2 yard of fabric and takes no more than an hour and a half! At this point, I’ve made 2 for myself, one for my boss, and one is in progress for a friend. The only problem is, I’m finding myself in a creative rut now. Anytime I brainstorm what to make, it ends up turning into the same exact skirt with a different fabric. I’m guessing the fact that good weather’s so close I can almost taste it isn’t helping my addiction much…

Here’s one I made for my boss with the amazing Japanese Echino fabric

This is one of the ones that I made for myself out of the lovely Jennifer Paganelli‘s fabric. I wanted it to come out fuller – I cant decide if I should use more fabric and gather it more, or if it would be better to do a circle skirt. The first skirt I made for myself isn’t worth putting up – it’s somewhat of a mess and I used a big scrap we had leftover which looks like a lifeguard in my opinion (think big red and white flowers)

I love the hot pink silk lining, but I can’t decide if it was worth the hassle…

I have a tutorial all ready for my simple skirts, but I’ll wait until I have proof of at least one person following along!

Is anybody out there?!

I’m curious if there’s such thing as a phobia of sweatshirts

because if there is, I have definitely fallen victim to it. Whether it’s genetic or learned, I could not tell you, but around this time of year, when people want nothing more than to come and take their midterm exams in a full-on sweatsuit, I can’t help but to cringe. But don’t get too worried about me – I’ve created a lovely appeasement. I can’t take much credit other than for some messy-looking stitches (which, luckily, aren’t visible above the lace), since this sweatshirt is completely, 100% inspired by Free People, with very little creative liberty taken except for making it a little less belly-baring. There’s just something about lace that makes anything pretty!

I made this from a crew-neck Champion sweatshirt for under $10 at Marshalls and some cheap lace. It turned out to be the perfect compromise…I always thought “cute sweatshirt” was a contradiction, but I guess not!

Things to note in this picture: 1. Silk blush bow headband which I got for $7 at J Crew! 2. Messy looking hair and a cute cast…I had surgery a couple of days ago on my hand and haven’t been able to get out of bed – hence the need to wear a sweatshirt in the first place

Also, I’ve recently had a terrible addiction to making bows. I was bald until about 2, but that never stopped my mom from scotch taping bows onto my head. I have never since stopped having an immediate attraction to anything with a bow on it. When I figured out how quick it was to make this adorable-looking bows out of fabric, lace, felt, etc I couldn’t stop. Here’s my favorite – it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland 🙂

I’m thinking I’ll upload a quick tutorial soon! And a skirt tutorial’s on the way!

PS – Typing this, sans Internet and in Word is infuriating! Since when do sweatsuit and high-waisted merit the obnoxious red-squiggle underline!