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My beloved chambray blazer came the other day, and I wore it the first chance I got! It’s exactly what I was hoping for 🙂

(I am aware that this picture is extremely awkward, and I probably wouldn’t be putting it up if I didn’t want to show how much I love my new blazer…)

The necklace is actually a pin that  I found the other day and put onto a chain. My mom was cleaning out her closet, and stumbled upon an old jewelry box filled with her old costume jewelry. She told me to pick out anything I want, so like a kid in a candy store I scooped up everything I liked. I believe this necklace in particular was my grandma’s. Which makes me love it even more 🙂

The necklace is the one in the top righthand corner.


Sorry about the MacBook photos last night. Here are some (slightly) better photos

Another post to come later 🙂

Today I was in total sewing withdrawl. It’s really hard to do anything when I’m alternating between a painful hand and being loopy on meds, but I managed to get a very quick project done today. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s all I’ve been able to manage making recently or because it’s actually cute, but I’m loving my newest bow 🙂 I darted to the garbage can after my boss threw out a decent amount of this pretty slate blue tee shirt scrap (remnants from lots of tee-shirt flowers) not knowing what to do with it. Originally, I just cut off the seam on the sleeve to make a sloppy headband, but today I decided it was in dire need of a bow!

Excuse my ugly picture, it’s late.

Actually, that’s inexcusable. I’ll post a much prettier one first thing tomorrow.

Also, an update on my chambray blazer issue! I managed to find something similar on Forever 21! I ordered it immediately, and I’m hoping it will fill the little hole in my heart.

Last but not least, my biggest buy yet!

An amazing new cell phone!

It’s the new HD2 with a huge touch screen and Wifi that’s twice as fast as the iPhone! My heart skips a beat just thinking about it 🙂 And of course I’ve already personalized it with some pretty Amy Butler wallpaper. Case coming soon!

Now I can blog on the go! Ooh the possibilities