Some things I can’t get enough of right now:

Coach’s Stefanie platforms – I love the color, the material, the design – everything about these shoes is perfect. Except for the fact that I have nowhere to wear five inch heels… (but who really cares about that part anyways)

There’s something about J. Crew’s newest makeup look that I just love. I’ve always loved 1960s-inspired makeup, but the pinkish tint and very subtle eyes updates it for the beach!

This new Free People background is currently brightening up my desktop and keeping me smiling πŸ™‚


Regardless of the fact that I’m on vacation at home with very little to do, this week has sped by! I spent the first half of the week mad at my sewing machine for being dysfunctional and then I finally called my mom over to fix it and realized i had simply misthreaded it…

Once I finally figured it out, I made an over-the-shoulder bag for my friend from a beautiful Ana Maria Horner voile fabric

I made two more for little girls at the store today. It’s a very simple bag, but perfect for the summer! I actually really like how the voile turned out – I was nervous it would be too thin, but as long as you’re not putting anything heavy in it, it looks nice. A lot like the Free People shopping bags (that I love to collect…)Β I’ll definitely be making more of these soon.

Also, this is the skirt that I wrote about earlier. Obviously another one of the same type. I’m just getting boring now! I do love love this fabric as a skirt though.

The most exciting part of my vacation so far has been the amazing, melt in your mouth crepes that I had when I went out to brunch with a friend. This restaurant was to die for! The decor, the food, the people. I would definitely like to live there.

For the most part, this week has been spent browsing through nothingness on the internet (It’s crazy how much time gets sucked away when you’re blog hopping!)

This outfit isn’t too exciting or anything, but it’s definitely similar to my go-to outfit this spring, which is probably why I was so drawn to it. I’ve been living in a big grey cardigan, boyfriend jeans and high waisted belt. I also love the beautiful color of her top! (Anthropologie)

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about silkscreening. We have most of the stuff at the store, but the problem is making the screens. So I’ve decided I’d love to try out the freezer paper method! The only problem is thinking of something not too difficult to cut out and one of the ideas that keeps coming up is a flock of birds. (Forever 21, Free People)

Lauren Moffat.

Nautical colors, fun accessories, and chunky leather sandals – what more do I need to get me excited about summer!

Music Playlist at

At the beginning of the month, I always anxiously await the arrival of my Free People catalogue. This month was no different. After slowly making my way through all of the beautiful outfits set in Morocco, I picked a couple that were do-able. I’m getting anxious to get back to sewing now that my hand is feeling better!

I would love to try this with some colorful Amy Butler fabric

This could be very easy if I found some nice lace somewhere

I definitely want to try this sort of dress. It seems simple enough…Two panels, a ruffle across the bottom, ruching, and the straps. I’m getting all excited!

PS – I finished a skirt (one of the same types that I’ve been doing over and over and over…) for my friend last night, and forgot to take a picture! I’ll get it back for a little, because I think it’s my favorite one so far! It’s in this fabric, which is perfect for the wonderful weather!

Hey, that could be fun on the Free People inspired dress

My beloved chambray blazer came the other day, and I wore it the first chance I got! It’s exactly what I was hoping for πŸ™‚

(I am aware that this picture is extremely awkward, and I probably wouldn’t be putting it up if I didn’t want to show how much I love my new blazer…)

The necklace is actually a pin that Β I found the other day and put onto a chain. My mom was cleaning out her closet, and stumbled upon an old jewelry box filled with her old costume jewelry. She told me to pick out anything I want, so like a kid in a candy store I scooped up everything I liked. I believe this necklace in particular was my grandma’s. Which makes me love it even more πŸ™‚

The necklace is the one in the top righthand corner.

I can’t even remember how anymore, but I stumbled upon the store Ruche the other day and ended up finding some great things! While it is true that some of the items are more my mom’s style than my own,Β there were a lot of things I loved (especially the rings) that were a really great price!


I even entered in their Polyvore contest! It was styling your dream vacation outfit. I used Italy as my inspiration in anticipation of my upcoming trip to Florence this summer! πŸ™‚

Italian Summer

I still can’t work Polyvore very well. Which is sort of sad if you ask me. Somehow it always turns out differently than it looks when I make it!

Also, my chambray blazer finally came!!! Be on the lookout tomorrow!

Yesterday I had the perfect day off spent in NYC with a bunch of my friends πŸ™‚ we couldn’t have had nicer weather and wandered all over the city.

Excuse the brief post, but I’m trying it out from my cell!

Time’s Square – no matter how many times I visit, I can’t help but get excited by all of the pretty lights and crowds at night

Urban Outfitters ❀

Trying on an Urban Outfitters shirt/top…It took a lot of effort to refrain from buying it, but I did it!

The only thing I bought all day πŸ™‚ That’s a lot harder than it seems when you’re shopping with 5 girls all over the city! However, this was quite a rip off for a pretty crappy necklace…I just had to have it! It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland

Easter makes me fantasize about beautifully colorful Martha Stewart celebrations

My day definitely wasn’t anything like that. Maybe someday

But it was very nice going to church and out to breakfast with the family πŸ™‚ The delicious Porterhouse steak at dinner was an added bonus.

I find it incredible how quickly everything started to bloom!

It’s been semi-hectic, but lots more is on the way!

I gave school a shot today and lasted all but an hour. So after ample time spent napping, I had nothing to do but blog hopping (poor, poor me), and found quite a few. My favorite of all was Gary Pepper Vintage! Not only is it a great blog, but she (Nicole) has an amazing vintage eBay store with a huge selection.

I love Nicole’s taste! Here are some of my favorites:

Too bad everybody else loves them too…it ends up jacking the eBay price up 😦

Oh well, I’m always looking for inspiration for things to make!

Sorry about the MacBook photos last night. Here are some (slightly) better photos

Another post to come later πŸ™‚